1. crochetyknitter:

    Hermione socks (with mods) are done! Woo! They are SO soft 💕💕

    Those are some sweet socks!!!

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    Who doesn’t love a little smocking! #smocking #knitting #yarn #lunabudknits

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  3. Finished mitt number one! :D I am crazy about this pattern! It’s simply beautiful and knits up fairly quickly, I see myself making many more of these mitts in the future. I think the next pair I would make the cuff longer than the pattern states, they’re just a little bit shorter than I would like. I made the hand portion shorter than the pattern told me to because I was scared that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. They’ll make a pair of mitts for those still a little chilly Spring days.
    The pattern can be found on Ravelry for free and is called Nalu Mitts

  5. jane-everdark:


    Oh my, gorgeous!

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  6. iwantmore-maybetoomuch:

    A Wolf’s Heart | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

    Sooo gorgeous!!!

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  7. octopieces replied to your photo“The newest hat that I’ve knitted. I’m quite in love with this one! :)”

    That pompom is darling! And I love the different sized stripes. Super cute!!!
    Thank you!! I’m really quite fond of the different sized stripes too :) 
  8. The newest hat that I’ve knitted. I’m quite in love with this one! :)


  9. My Spring Break officially started Friday!

    And I’ve already knitted three hats, two yesterday alone. Yup, I love having time off from school :)

  10. Free knitting pattern!



    Tweedy goodness! Tayberry Free Knitting Pattern with just the right amount of slouch. Knits up fast, too.

    I like this

    This is beautiful!

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